Brewdog Zeitgeist Lager.

Brewdog is a multinational beer brewery, renowned for their alternative and punk styles, and one of the leaders of the current craft beer revolution in the UK. Brewdog began as a two-man company in 2007 before increasing dramatically in size and popularity over the next few years. The dark lager ‘Zeitgeist’ was created as a limited edition idiosyncratic micro-brand of Brewdog. They had an open brief for a label design with over one-hundred entries, from which they chose my submission.


Package Design & Illustration


Designer w/Hampton



Solution & Reception

Zeitgeist literally means ‘Spirit of the age’. It was Brewdog's view that the beer industry, at the time, in the UK was outdated, conformist and bland, which became the inspiration behind my ‘Be People, Not Sheeple’ concept. The beer was a commercial success, available in the big-chain supermarkets, it was shipped to more than eighty countries worldwide.